Shivan becomes a top awesome smash bros master. but he knows he must train his mains with tuff characters and online people around the world. he's training was a full of determination and intense power but too become one shivan uses battle tricks, his brain/head, strategies, techniques and advanced. he is always gonna success to get alot assist trophies he posted some videos on smash wii u to youtube shivan will always remember to get his job done on smash bros as everyday he alot plays smash bros wii u so he can know some smart and clever stuff and another thing that he does he reads what his opponents skill and moves do he thinks that he needs higher confidence and spirit to do it but in the past he was raged on a couple smash bros battles but he knows better now he talks evil about smash bros and wan'ts to be famous on that game but still at one in his speech period he heard his friend anthony that he is pretty good at smash bros but shivan believes that he will beat him by using link as he'll always train his mains to the highest level and skill the type he uses to become the totally awesome smash bros master with so much intense power he uses these two types: offense and speed. but still he knew that girls were very good and too tuff for him but he'll still man up and never give up all he believes is his training but still while challenging tuff opponents he probably is becoming more strong with intense and arranged power

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