after his wii u has been gone to nintendo for repair shivan obviously feels bored and lonely without it he is shocked that his dad tells him the wii u comes first week of june which shivan might thinks thats a little long but shivan still knows that wii u is very special too me as he plays it alot for many hours but then shivan thought doing some other game is not gonna help for him he knows its his fault for damaging his own wii u he then looks into the bathroom mirror talking to himself "i have to remeber it's a console/game need to be very com" later at his high school harrison shivan's tells isaiah he is more bored without his wii u but isaiah asks not to worry not anything else like basketball or any other hobby would help him as he loves the wii u much because of the game smash bros wii u which he loves alot and plays it all the time.

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