May 2016

Shivan felt that behaving as a teenager isn't the right thing he used to have alot acne and pimples on his face but then his face is now very clear/clean due to him washing his face with soap every single day in the shower twice which he had pimples and acne a long time ago starting maybe in 2013. he knows better that he needs to do a better job in his life sometimes he is stubborn what he wan'ts but he feels worried with him self that he doesn't know that alot exhausted working out will make him very positive and behave well all he can try is take few deep breaths count to 10 and listen to peaceful music when 2016 first begin his voice sounds changed and very com shivan uses everything he's got his head, tricks strategies, advanced and techniques to overcome his anger and other emotions he does this almost every day. he exersises with dumbells and do push ups so he can have high confidence and spirit in himself probably doing some rigorous training in his life shivan knew he was annoying but he says to himself ''how is being so nice annoying makes no sense at all" he feeled that his entire face/skin is feeling soft and clean he did this so he can make girls think he's cute he is sometimes obsessed with his life but he knows he needs to stop shivan researches on how to be a very com person by

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