Shivan is an male person that is sometimes superior with his life


Shivan is sometimes a very stressful guy. when he is very mad he rages himself into crazy risks killing his parents, breaking the stuff and bad language. in 2016 he is not angry alot like his past years but sometimes still he is a little he is more confident quiet determined and overconfident as a kid he wasn't negative at all but he remembered in the middle school he was sent in detention he as well wan'ts to overcome his emotions and life but in 2015 he's willing to be a truly awesome smash bros master with alot tricks abilities and techniques he's also into knowing smarter and clever stuff at his life as he wan'ts to fully master it


he thinks evil in his mind that other people are doing better than him he gets down sometimes when struggled on work or a job he's interests are nintendo video games especially smash bros 4 basketball and football at the time he when he played his wii u. he seemed upset when losing to a smash bros battle to some online people. whenever his parent's are not in a good mood with him he seems to be destructive and more stressful and angered he hates people bossing him but as a child he loved himself due to 2016 he tries to get all of his emotional moods go away by thinking back in his past life take deep breaths and do something so relaxing to feel him better or interested shivan sometimes talks paranoid and over confident he wasn't interested in his teacher mrs poteet as she made him depressed twice in his new high school he dislikes it when his ugly teacher mrs poteet is up to him or angry/mad with him he's occupation in his future will be a nintendo maintance but he wan'ts to be the strongest smash bros master in his current life he as well thinks that he stinks and is a bum. as in teenager he struggled much but due to 2016 he does alot exhausted training so he cannot struggle alot sometimes he's in a rush as his new best friend isaiah pierre he was around him alot he'll feel guilty if people make him lonely in 2016 he has a crush/interest in a girl named libby. libby is interested in shivan which she think's he's cute but shivan was down that he needs to train his personalality and emotions in 2016. during team sports y shivan sometimes was playful and random with his 2 friends isaiah and devin but he stopped doing that as the 2 of his friends were not interested how shivan was. sometimes in his new home he does alot stupid stuff his dad and brother yell at him and harm him which shivan is sad when it happens all he thinks he wan'ts to do super better at his life at the time when a new student named isaiah burg who shares the same name as shivan's best friend isaiah pierre he was upset that mrs poteet caught him goofing off in the hallway so he can find antonio in lunch as the new student's first day shivan was revealed to be jealous and upset he was ignorant he leaved his lunch tray in the table then left with anger at the library shivan yells at cameron. meanwhile cam tells shivan *i don't wanna be your friend again shivan...!* but in 2016 shivan treats cameron as a great friend with friendship and happiness which he was worried back in 2015 in his life he is superior and brave that he wan'ts to win all the during in december 2015 in the gym shivan and his friends we're playing basketball but shivan kept on playing the sport with tiredness but shivan felt in his kidney it was in little pain his best friend said to him (shivan i think im getting tired) he sits down with isaiah B and devin but shivan was brave to keep on playing basketball as he returned in 2016 from his christmas break he showed everyone how better he has gotten with alot smart working out he remembers the time that his mom was not in a good with him in the past but shivan's mom started to love him more and never treat him bad. while in bad behavoir shivan is frustrated alot and scream crazy. shivan is always a great artist as his friends and family loved his drawing and poetry he remembered as a little kid he was playful with happiness at the bathroom where shivan made a mess his ugly teacher was so upset and pissed at him she stomped her foot at him for being stupid shivan now has a new youtube account which this time its a better one with lots videos he gets himself to be popular by being on facebook, youtube or google + he'll always be a huge fan of smash bros 4 and we'll be there for it. at one angry and emotional moment shivan's dad hits hangers at his friend then says about him (he's always wan't to be superior!!!) with anger shivan then was ignorant to his 2 friends isaiah and devin as he was lonely he wanders off outside of the school talking to himself but however then he keeps on punching his eyes multiple times mrs bruner finds shivan. shivan comes out and mrs bruner sents him to the nurse for a ice pack and then was sented in a huge timeout shivan is in the hoya coffee cafe when he does the straws mrs poteet then facepalms him. shivan hates to be treated like a little kid but one day he thinks about himself that he needs more friendship,happiness and calm he's life was kind of a bummer as he didn't have great reflexes walks weird like a old man sometimes and he gets on alot nerves at times. he knew he'd always had super risky emotional issues by being evil and destructive but in 2016 he now understands that life is about hanging out with friends, responsibility and have fun shivan felt surprisely with him self when his life hurts he still is a little determined being better in smash bros like the smash 4 champion ZeRo who is totally famous! but he wanted to be famous and he thinks of being a maintance guy in nintendo when he's a older adult. he is part indian but he seems not to be interested in alot indian stuff anymore. he always plays his wii u with tired hands he wonders when will people stop treating him like a foolish person


Shivan is a tall guy part indian/american with lighter skin he has thick soft and straight black hair. big oval eyes black eye balls skin he is skinny and he's neck is a little tall his back is a little grumpy a big nose and clean/clear skin


  • He plays smash bros wii u alot so he can do better with tricks and techniques
  • whenever he breaks his console he is unpatient and bored without it
  • he's favorite console is the Wii U
  • basketball and football he runs like a ninja at basketball
  • he feels guilty sometimes as he's the only one that thinks is a loser
  • loves to daydream about pretty girls
  • Ninja's
  • Roblox
  • Pokken Tournament
  • Miiverse
  • Raven's
  • Skrillex


  • Malik he is sometimes against shivan and the both of them don't get along so much as they fight sometimes
  • People bossing him around to tell him what to do
  • hates others yelling or mad with him
  • school he is a clockwatcher at school that he wan'ts time to go faster during his school time but one day he skipped it then his mom tries hard to put him in school but shivan keeps on waiting for school to end on summer
  • he is raged and angered when people treat him like a total idiot or when they be rude or hurt his feelings.
  • he's a big mistaker at times


  • He has some similarities to anthony liberatory
  • They both are ultimate masters of a hobby or there game
  • They both are lazy unlike anthony is the most lazy.
  • they have similar habits shivan is a bored guy while anthony is a slacker goofing off
My Snapshot 20

shivan in his haircut mode

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